CSLA.NET 5.4.2
CSLA .NET is a software development framework that helps you build a reusable, maintainable object-oriented business layer for your app.
BindingSourceRefresh.cs File Reference

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class  Csla.Windows.BindingSourceRefresh
 BindingSourceRefresh contains functionality for refreshing the data bound to controls on Host as well as a mechinism for catching data binding errors that occur in Host. More...
class  Csla.Windows.BindingErrorEventArgs
 BindingErrorEventArgs defines the event arguments for reporting a data binding error due to a exception. More...


namespace  Csla
namespace  Csla.Windows


delegate void Csla.Windows.BindingErrorEventHandler (object sender, BindingErrorEventArgs e)
 BindingErrorEventHandler delegates is the event handling definition for handling data binding errors that occurred due to exceptions. More...