CSLA.NET 5.4.2
CSLA .NET is a software development framework that helps you build a reusable, maintainable object-oriented business layer for your app.
RuleExtensions.cs File Reference

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class  Csla.Validation.RuleExtensions
 Helper class for wrapping old style (Csla 3.8x and earlier) rules with a lambda rule in Csla 4.x to simplify migration of older style apps.


namespace  Csla
namespace  Csla.Validation


delegate bool Csla.Validation.RuleHandler (object target, RuleArgs e)
 The delegate definition for CSLA 3.8 rule handler More...
delegate bool Csla.Validation.RuleHandler< T, R > (T target, R e)
 The delegate definition for CSLA 3.8 generic rule handler More...