Generic logging of DataPortal exceptions

Generic logging of DataPortal exceptions

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Jack posted on Saturday, February 12, 2011

There are a few forum posts about trapping and dealing with data portal errors and reference to and that it may get addressed in CSLA 4.  I cannot find any followup and the link is dead (at least this am).

What I want to do is intercept any data portal exceptions and log them with whatever logging tool I happen to be using, and then let it continue on its way.  What is the recommended approach there?

I'm still using 3.6x but will be upgrading to 4.x as soon as I get my latest production release out the door.  This functionality could wait until then.



JonnyBee replied on Saturday, February 12, 2011

Hi Jack,

Look at the \Samples\Net\cs\CustomErrorHandling sample project.

This sample shows how you can hook up your own generic logger and possibly transform exceptions that are non serializable (or belong to an assembly that is not available on the client like MQErrors or 3rd party database providers that is only installed on the server) into a generic serializable exception.


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