Problem with CSLA 3.8.2 CSLA.DataPortal

Problem with CSLA 3.8.2 CSLA.DataPortal

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Jack posted on Wednesday, March 02, 2011

I recently promoted a new build to my test server (Win2008 R2 x64) and suddenly I'm having a runtime issue that I cannot replicate on my development box (Win7 x64).

The only real difference I know of is that my Oracle driver is x64 on the server and x32 on my box.  However most of the DataPortal calls are working until a certain part of the application.

The error I am getting is a nullReferenceException at line 142 of

CSLA.Server.ChildDataPortal.Fetch(Type objectType, params object[] parameters)

The particular piece of logic has been in production for over a year.  It is a large fetch of data in an ObjectFactory.  The procedure returns several cursors and loops through each and creates all the child objects.  There are a few empty cursors with no results of which this is one of however there were 3 prior empty ones before this line was processed.

I'm pretty baffled.  My application is built against .net 4, my Oracle client is .net4 and my IIS application pool is set to not allow 32bit applications.

My CSLA dll is dated 15-Dec-2009 and shows as version 3.8.2.  I believe I built it from the source code via VS2008 and I'm not in VS2010.

Any help is appreciated...  I'm totally baffled.




Jack replied on Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Of course typing out a long message always makes one think of what else it could be.  Turns out an rarely used 3rd party control dll wasn't deployed.  There was a reference to an object in that control in the child object that the DataPortal was trying to create.


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