CSLA 4, Property value is changing but not savable or dirty

CSLA 4, Property value is changing but not savable or dirty

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Raghav posted on Friday, March 25, 2011

Dear All

I have developed a windows application where i have created a form its looks similar to ProjectTrackers Role Edit form. i have copied the code from project trackers role edit form and i am using grid to create and edit data.

actually i have added few more properties

Id Byte

Code Byte

Name string

In single object i can change 'name' property and even i can save but not Id and Code properties

when i change code property, it changes the value of code property but its remains unsavable or not dirty.

when i change name property it changes property and also savable and its dirty.

ex: when i make code from 1 to 2 when i check the property value it  shows as 2, but its not savable or dirty.

but when i change name from ABC to XYZ then it is savable and dirty.

Could anyone please suggest.

Thanks in advance


Charleh replied on Friday, March 25, 2011

Can you post your code (your property accessor get/set) for your business object? It sounds like you might have got some of the the get/set accessors and the actual set/getproperty calls mixed up and certain properties are being set incorrrectly

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