CSLA BusinessListBase, edit level not being set when binding.

CSLA BusinessListBase, edit level not being set when binding.

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Matthew posted on Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I'm looking at  the edit level of a list and its children after binding.  Its my understanding the edit level on the list should go to from 0 to1 when I bind(assign to ultragrid's datasource).  But instead the edit level on the children in the list is incremented(not the lists edit level) - every time I assign to datasource there incremented by one , if either called from the list or directly on the children, they don't reset in a certain situation.

So if I don't explicitly call BeginEdit on the list it never takes the snapshot and canceledit on the list fails to undo additions. Also if I call begin edit on the list after binding(were the children's edit level is only effected), it increments the childrens edit level once more to 2( 0 - 1 from binding).  I have confirmed that the BusinessBase classes are marked as children, so I don't understand the disconnect, the binding to the grid bypasses the list leaving its edit level at 0 and the children are set to 1.

This is only symptoms/part of another bug I'm getting were I simply open the form containing the grid and then cancel, then go back in the grid and add an item, cancel again and a child fails to revert. Any other circuimstance seems to work correctly.

Please can I get some verification on what the behavior should be when binding to a data grid/ultra grid, and any other suggestions would be helpfull.




RockfordLhotka replied on Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I suggest updating to at least 2.1.4, or better yet to 3.0.5. You can read the change logs for the versions higher than 2.1.1 on the download page (http://www.lhotka.net/cslanet/download.aspx), but I recall making a lot of changes and some bug fixes to the way edit levels and data binding interact during that time.

Somewhere in there (probably in 3.0) is when I quit trying to fight data binding, and decided to completely conform to the way the DataTable works. That was a big deal, because Windows Forms data binding is really inflexible, and it turns out that conforming to the DataTable behavior is the only way to make things really work...

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