Help with AddNew

Help with AddNew

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Hamchuck posted on Thursday, April 21, 2011

From all the examples that I have looked in reguards to CSLA when adding a new record a new blank form is opened and the user proceeds to complete the fields on the form. 

I would like to add new records by blanking the field data from the current form and allowing the user to complete the fields on the form without displaying a new form, I don't want to open a new form when adding records.

I'm using a TriggerAction and calling a method on the viewmodel, within the method I call "DoAddNew()", at that point I have a break point set and sure enough the model property does have a blank record.  What I can't seem to get working or maybe don't understand how, is having the form pointed at the new record in the collectionviewsource and having the form fields cleared.

Could someone help me out ?

I'm using CSLA 4.1 with VS2010, C#

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