ETA on Silverlight Mvvm eBook series?

ETA on Silverlight Mvvm eBook series?

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richardb posted on Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hi Rocky,

Are you working on the Silverlight Mvvm or ASP.Net MVC eBook next?  I'm keen on getting my hands on the Silverlight one first so was wondering when a first draft would be available.

The sample code from the Data Access and Dataportal configuration projects is really helping my understanding though, but just need a bit more around the Mvvm + Bxf interaction.  I love the sample code where you can plug in a mock database for testing, or alternate datasources.  Very cool.

I'm about to start a Silverlight project and am finding that the main area I need to get up to speed on is the Mvvm and navigation model, and Blend of course - which is hard not having a designers brain :-)

Thanks to CSLA.Net and all your's and others work, I really don't need to worry about too much else these days.

If the book is a few months away, would the Mvvm video be a good reference - I'm guessing it is?





RockfordLhotka replied on Thursday, May 26, 2011

I am working on the ASP.NET MVC book now, and expect to finish by the end of May.

Next I will work on the WPF/SL book. The books are taking 3-4 weeks to complete, so that would be the end of June.

The MVVM video series is a good reference, yes. The WPF/SL book will cover much the same content as the video series.

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