Databinding GrandChildren

Databinding GrandChildren

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JasonG posted on Saturday, July 09, 2011

Hello, I've been struggling with this problem for a few days, searching the internet and these forums for answers, but I couldn't find anything specific to my problem. At first I thought my problem was with saving grandchild objects, but I think the problem lies in correctly databinding grandchild objects. Here is the scenario..

Parent( BB)

---> ChildList(BLB) > Child(BB)

--> --> GrandChildList(BLB) > Grandchild

My parent winpart control accepts a Parent object and databinds to controls. The child object databinds to a datarepeater control. when the index of the child datarepeater changes I get the current child and bind the child.grandchildList to a second datarepeater. This all works well

I seemed to add and remove grandchild objects correctly, as they were added and removed from the datarepeated, but when i saved the parent the grandchild objects didn't save. Upon futher debuging i found that the newly added grandchild was not in the parent.child.grandchildlist. and the parent.childlist.indexOf() always returns a -1.

So in this scenario what is the correct way to interact with the grandchild objects?


PS. I'm using CLSA 3.8.x and i've followed the ProjectTracker winpart control extactly.



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