ReadWriteAuthorization WinForms Base Class

ReadWriteAuthorization WinForms Base Class

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Phlar posted on Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hi All,

We have encountered a problem with the ReadWriteAuthorization control which I believe is related to how we've created our BO.  It currently works for all other WinForms except one.

We have created a base class that contains our Property Methods (let's call it Contact) derived from BusinessBase. 

We have created another class called UserContact that inherits the Contact base class.  The UserContact class implements the AddAuthorizationRules for each property within the base class (we only set the WriteProperty permission).

We have a WinPart control that contains the ReadWriteAuthorization extender control, an Error Provider control and 3 text boxes (ApplyAuthorization property set to the ReadWriteAuthorization1 extender control).  We have the ApplyAuthorizationRules method which invokes the ResetControlAuthorization on the extender control. 

When I log into the system without the Write/Edit permission the extender control does not disable the 3 text boxes on this one WinPart control.  I suspect it has something todo with the base vs. inherited class.

Has anyone encountered a similar problem?



Phlar replied on Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Issue has finally been resolved.  Cascading of the AddBusinessRules in the base object was not implemented properly.

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