Saved event doesn't get raised via TriggerAction ?

Saved event doesn't get raised via TriggerAction ?

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TSF posted on Friday, July 22, 2011

I'm using a view model (but not full MVVM as I haven't quite grasped it at this point) in a WPF app.  In code-behind, for one particular scenario I am manually calling my VM's Model.ApplyEdit() method, followed by the Model.Save() method, and then the businessbase's Saved event is fired, giving me access to the object's data.

However, if I don't do that but instead just click the Save button, which is wired up to the Save method in XAML via a trigger action (<csla:TriggerAction TargetControl="{Binding ElementName=btnSave}" MethodName="Save"/>), the Saved event never gets raised.  Is it supposed to?  Or am I missing another way to respond to an object that was just saved?  Thanks.


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