WCFPortal and Windows Authentication with IIS - a shortcut

WCFPortal and Windows Authentication with IIS - a shortcut

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Turntwo posted on Friday, August 05, 2011

I'm posting this because it saved me today.  The following link shows how to setup a WCF service with Windows Authorization pass through to the WCFPortal on IIS without any real security. 


Why would want to do this without any real security?  Because it is quite easy to do, and then when the Principal is accessed in the portal, the correct credentials are used.  In my application we use this for user logging for Notes, change history, etc.  It is an internal application that is running on a Terminal Services machine connecting to the application server running the WcfPortal through IIS.  All the network traffic is on the domain and the servers are connected on the same switch completely behind a firewall, so encrypting with SSL, etc is unnecessary overkill. 

Most of the articles I could find (including using CSLA 3.0 eBooks) had a whole mess of steps to get certificates created and installed, etc - all I wanted was to have the right user show in the logs. 

Hope this makes it easier for someone else to find this solution in the future ( Took about 5 minutes to implement, and hour or two or research to find the solution).

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