CslaGenFork released the Rules sample v.

CslaGenFork released the Rules sample v.

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tiago posted on Saturday, August 27, 2011

Download the Rules sample

NOTE - Release updated Csla.dll 4.2.0 to Revision 5238 - 2011 Aug 28 and added metadata to the assemblies.

CslaGenFork has a new feature: Import Business and Authorization Rules from DLL. This sample is the missing complement to this feature. It includes a DLL rules library you can freely use in your projects.

The rules come from Csla Sample RuleTutorial, CslaContrib and some from CslaGenFork project. Documentation is included in the form of CHM files for C# and VB.

What rules can you find in the library?

Authorization Rules:

Business Rules:

Collection Rules

Compare Fields Rules

Date Rules

Gateway Rules

Short Circuiting Rules

Transformation Rules

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