CSLA objects being cached portal side on IIS7

CSLA objects being cached portal side on IIS7

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nobby_trussin posted on Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I work for a company who have developed a large application using CSLA (quite an old CSLA version I might add - in the region of version 1.x) and we have noticed a somewhat annoying characteristic since switching to hosting the portals in IIS7 from IIS6 - objects on the portal are being cached between calls. This definitely did not happen for us in IIS6 and we have confirmed this by writing a quick test application and running it against IIS6 and IIS7 portals. This seems odd to me as surely due to the nature of a web server, the calls should be stateless (unless it's some subtlety related to .NET remoting?).

The issue is not a huge one as we can work around it but it is more of an irritation and I'm curious as to whether this behaviour is by design and if anyone else has noticed it? 

Thanks for your time


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