Child List Object Allow Edit Failure?

Child List Object Allow Edit Failure?

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c_manboy posted on Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I have a BB object which contains two BLB objects.  All three objects contain auth rules, but the rules that matter are on the BLB's (currently, the rules are identical).  Using the MVVM pattern with Bxf I am binding one of the BLB's to a datagrid on the view.  Because there is no CanSave property on the BLB I created a property on the model that returns BLB.IsDirty and BLB.AllowEdit.  For some reason, allow edit is always false.  The View Model CanSave and CanEditObject returns true.

I created another viewmodel and view with just that BLB object, without a parent, and the allow edit property returns correctly.

I have two questions.  First, is the BB parent object  modifying its child BLB objects allow edit property or do I likely have something wrong with my objects?  And second, is there a way, and should i, add a ViewModel property to my View Model to which the BLB can bind and then have access to CanSave, etc.?


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