Maintaining a List for the UI only on the business object

Maintaining a List for the UI only on the business object

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thaehn posted on Friday, September 16, 2011

I have a "mover" that shows two lists, one that has been selected and are children of a business object list, an one that has every available option that isn't in the child list (available list).  When a button is clicked to move an item from the available to the selected list, it disappears off the available list; and when another button is clicked to move the item off the selected list, it reappears on the available list.  I have every thing working properly but now when I try to save my business object, I get an error, "Edit level mismatch in AcceptChanges".  Because the selected list is a child of another list, I have a copy of it on the business object which is used to create the items not to show in the available list.  The code looks like this:

public static readonly PropertyInfo<MaintenanceActionPlanList> ProblemActionPlanListProperty = RegisterProperty<MaintenanceActionPlanList>(c => c.ProblemActionPlanList, RelationshipTypes.PrivateField);








private MaintenanceActionPlanList _actionPlanList = new MaintenanceActionPlanList();



Display(Name = "Problem Action Plans")]




public MaintenanceActionPlanList ProblemActionPlanList





get { return GetProperty(ProblemActionPlanListProperty, _actionPlanList); }




set { SetProperty(ProblemActionPlanListProperty, ref _actionPlanList, value);



This list is never persisted to the database, it is only for display purposes, but CSLA is preventing me from saving because of it.  I have set it to [notundoable] and created a private backing field, but it hasn't helped.

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