DisableIEditableObject and DevExpress Grids works great - really?

DisableIEditableObject and DevExpress Grids works great - really?

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dagware posted on Monday, September 26, 2011

FYI, I'm using CSLA 3.0.5 in this project (I know, it's a really old version), DevExpress XtraGrid version 10.1, in a WinForms application.

I'm playing around with setting DisableIEditableObject to true, in an application that uses Dev Express grids. It appears to me that this works perfectly, without the need for any special programming on my part to take into account that DisableIEditableObject is true.

The few comments I've read on DisableIEditableObject indicate that if used with WinForms binding, it will cause issues. But it appears as if the DevEx Grid knows how to handle this and doesn't care.

My question is, does this seem reasonable, or might I be missing something? What things should I try to test, to see if I'm wrong? I'd rather find the issues now, than let my users find them for me!



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