WCF size limits for tcp vs http bindings

WCF size limits for tcp vs http bindings

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TSF posted on Monday, September 26, 2011

In this previous thread, Rocky mentioned that "the size limits are just as real with the WCF tcp bindings as the http bindings. The specific settings and configuration may be different, but the limits are still there."

I'm just wondering why I haven't run into the limits using the tcp binding with my .NET object as I did with the http binding and the SL version of the same object.  I have two services, one with a tcp endpoint and the other an http endpoint.  They both expose the same object (one .NET, the other SL).  When testing the http endpoint I quickly ran into the size limits and had to implement compression following the e-book example.  However, I haven't had to use the compression classes for my .NET object using the tcp binding, which basically deals with the exact same data.  Could someone provide some guidance on why this might be the case?  My main concern is that I don't want to roll out something into production when things appear to be okay as is, and then find I hit a limit with my WPF UI that uses the tcp binding.  Thanks.

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