CSLA 4.x Silverlight possible stand alone app?

CSLA 4.x Silverlight possible stand alone app?

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JCardina posted on Friday, October 14, 2011

I'm porting an existing commercial app from an older csla and winforms to the latest csla and Silverlight / html 5.  Or at least that's the plan.

There seems little point in going with a wpf interface at this point given the future direction of windows etc.

My question: with the old winform app it was easy to have a single stand alone install of our app for single computers not on a network.

Now ideally I'd like to have users be able to run the new Silverlight version on one computer completely self contained.  Without IIS.

Is this in any way possible / practical?

What should I look into to learn about doing this if it is?

Curelom replied on Friday, October 14, 2011

Not possible with Silverlight.  It's very structure depends on a server on the backend.  If you are concerned about migrated it to a metro app in the future, you can still use WPF if you are disciplined in the GUI you use.  The migration would likely be a little harder than migrating a Silverlight app.  Perhaps a bigger difference in migrating would be whether you are using MVVM or not.  If you use MVVM, then the migration will likely be changes to the XAML and not the underlying code.

JCardina replied on Sunday, October 16, 2011

Thanks guys, I took a long think about this and came to the conclusion that we really only need two UI's: WPF for windows (MVVM) and HTML 5 for all browsers and devices.

Cheers and thanks for giving me a sounding board.

StefanCop replied on Friday, October 14, 2011

Yes, you need a server process, but not necessarily IIS.

For example a self-hosting (ServiceHost) windows service, or a console app (which someone has to start first). I'm not very familiar with security, but if it's all localhost this shouldn't be a problem.


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