CSLA 4 version 4.2 beta 2 online

CSLA 4 version 4.2 beta 2 online

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RockfordLhotka posted on Monday, October 31, 2011

CSLA 4 version 4.2 beta 2 is now available for download on the CSLA download page.

This beta update includes a small number of bug fixes, and some enhancements:

  1. The Windows Phone projects now build for WP 7.5 "Mango"
  2. Csla.Xaml.PropertyInfo can now be used in a control template
  3. MobileFormatter can now be used for undo/clone operations on .NET
  4. Samples are now built against the 4.2 assemblies
  5. Several WPF/SL samples now use PropertyInfo, and have been styled to look better (thanks Aaron!)

At this point I expect the 4.2 release to occur by the end of November. There may or may not be another beta release depending on your feedback with this beta.

asinc replied on Monday, October 31, 2011

Is anyone able to get the Project Tracker application to run properly? When we switch it from the Mock DB over to the DalEF we get DataPortal.Fetch errors and it seems to not be communicating properly with WCF?


Thanks for any feedback on whether this is setup to run or not.



RockfordLhotka replied on Monday, October 31, 2011

I run it in EF mode on one computer, and Mock on another - pretty continually, to make sure both work.

But, the reason mock is so important with these demos is that people constantly have trouble getting SQL Server to work. In fact, my laptop currently won't work with SQL Express, and after fighting with it for hours I've resigned myself to use the mock db on the laptop until next time I reimage the machine.

I don't recall exactly, but it is likely that I created the databases using SQL Express, integrated with VS, and using 2008 R2. Maybe just 2008, but I think I was using R2. Odds are that you need to be running a properly configured/installed SQL Express (that supports instance databases) of at least SQL 2008, but probably R2.

As I say, my laptop (for unknown reasons) won't work with instance databases. I'm sure it was something I did - installing VS before SQL or visa versa.

So, after all this rambling, you might wonder what this has to do with you? Odds are that your computer isn't using SQL Express 2008 R2 with instance database and VS integration properly configured - or some variation on that theme anyway.

asinc replied on Thursday, November 03, 2011

The SQL Version was one of the problems. I had determined that previously and revised the connection string to point to an existing PTracker db on my server.


If anyone else is trying to do this take note that the schema of PTracker has changed since the 3.8 version. No more Guid ids and a couple field name changes. Also, the custom security db and roles is setup with aspnet membership.


It would be helpful to include a data project with the create scripts and sample data so people can easily work around SQL versions for both PTracker and Aspnetdb. I have login working now but still not the roles as I don't know what you had in the db and can't upgrade the server right now.


Thanks for your help!

RockfordLhotka replied on Thursday, November 03, 2011

fwiw, the Using CSLA 4 ebook series walks through the database design, as well as the object design for the application.

jh72i replied on Thursday, November 03, 2011

*** Please ignore me - I got this working. I needed to shutdown another solution that was using IIS Express!? ***

sneaky question on a loosely related thread: I cannot run the PTracker project either. It gives that cross-domain error which I 'm pretty sure is solved by not having the SilverlightUI project as startup. My problem is which project should be start-up?

In other samples it'd have been the Web project (wpfappserver here) but that don't work.

Is it the Mvc3UI project? I cannot install that stuff for some reason.

RockfordLhotka replied on Thursday, November 03, 2011

The cross-domain policy file is included in the app server project, so you should be able to launch the SL and WP projects directly. I do anyway.

Do you have IIS Express installed? The ProjectTracker solution now requires SQL 2008 R2 and IIS Express, as well as ASP.NET MVC 3 - all need to be installed on your dev machine.

The requirements are documented in the readme.txt file that is part of the solution.

RockfordLhotka replied on Monday, November 07, 2011

We were originally going to add some changes to Silverlight serialization into 4.2. Sergey and I decided that the changes are too big to make this late in the 4.2 release cycle.

Because of this, the current beta of 4.2 is planned to be the last beta. I expect to release 4.2 before the end of November.

If you think you might move to 4.2 anytime in the near future, I strongly recommend you try this 4.2 beta release and let us know if you encounter any issues. I can't stress enough the value of the feedback we get from the community testing the pre-releases of each version, especially the final beta releases.

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