OT: Microsoft Report Viewer

OT: Microsoft Report Viewer

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rxelizondo posted on Monday, October 31, 2011

I just started looking into the possibility of using Microsoft report viewer for a WPF application we are currently building (using Visual Studio 2010 / .Net 4). So far is looking ok but there is one thing that just bugs me immensely.

The thing that bothers me is that there does not appear to be a native control that we can use to show reports on WPF, it looks like you need to host your report on an old winform or use some other hacky way.

The fact that Microsoft didn’t even considered creating a native wpf report viewer gives me a very bad feeling about all these. I am wondering if they stopped supporting their reporting tool a long time ago and left it in a mediocre state and full of bugs and I that am going to regret going on that direction.

Anyone can offer me some feedback on this topic?


JonnyBee replied on Tuesday, November 01, 2011


IIRC, the report viewer control is owned by the SqlServer teram as the client for Reporting Services and is only available for Windows Forms and ASP.NET.

Quite from Riccardo Muti: http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/sqldenreportingservices/thread/3fd168bb-368b-4fa0-b49a-eea3c5e64a28

Denali doesn't include a Silverlight ReportViewer control for traditional SSRS reports. (Crescent is built on Silverlight, but it targets Crescent reports only and it's not an embeddable Silverlight control in this release.) However, you can use Silverlight-HTML interop to integrate a Silverlight application with the ReportViewer Web Forms control. You may find this blog post helpful: http://weblogs.asp.net/dwahlin/archive/2010/05/10/integrating-html-into-silverlight-applications.aspx. Similarly, you can integrate a WPF application with the ReportViewer Windows Forms control using WPF-WinForms interop.

I've only uses ReportViewer in local mode for objects in Widows Forms. I've wanted to look at XtraReports (http://www.devexpress.com/Products/NET/Reporting/) as this provides native controls for WinForms,. ASP.NET,  MVC, WPF, Silverlight and LightSwitch but haven't had the time yet.

geordiepaul replied on Tuesday, November 01, 2011

I would strongly recommend looking at the Telerik report viewer. Depending on your requirement it may work for you.


I've not used it with WPF but it's certainly been less problematic than SSRS

StefanCop replied on Tuesday, November 01, 2011

We are using the devexpress XtraReport (because it fits our reproting needs best and easiest) and WPF.

And yes, DevExpress nowadays has a true WPF preview control, which is really useful (although it has not yet every advanced feature that the winforms had).

Our requirements are printing with "one button click" a report on a specific client-side printer, and on pages from different trays). That's why we use  the the "old" Printing System. That's one reason we choose WPF over SL two years ago. I suppose this part is less WPF but more old Winforms style.


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