Anyone know what .NET Runtime Optimization Service is?

Anyone know what .NET Runtime Optimization Service is?

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John Irron posted on Monday, November 07, 2011

When I first set up my Firewall on my new computer, I kept getting a warning pop up from the Firewall (AVG) that said ".NET Runtime Optimization Service wants to connect to the internet" and it wanted to know whether to block it or allow it.

Not knowing what it was, I blocked it.

I did research on google and I found nothing that explains what it does or why. One site said it is malware and I should block it, another said it is important to keep my computer running well and I should allow it!

Anyone know exactly what this is, why it is here, and whether or not I should uninstall or block it, or allow it? Any info is appreciated.

bniemyjski replied on Tuesday, November 08, 2011

It appears that it is trying to connect to the internet to download updated certificates.

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