How to pass a customer object from client to server?

How to pass a customer object from client to server?

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xc_lw posted on Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I create a class MyClass,and driver from a interface IMyInterface,and MyClass has an Enum property, like bellow:

public Enum MyEnum





public class MyClass : IMyInterface


    public MyClass() { }

   public MyEnum EnumProperty {get; set;}


   Implement IMyInterface



I use MyClass as a parameter of a Fetch method,like this

public static void Fetch(MyClass para,EventHandler<DataPortalResult<MyBusinessObject>> callback)


  return DataPortal.BeginFetch<MyBusinessObject>(para,callback);


But this no work, It raise an error:MyClass is not a KnownType.

But the wcf service file is in csla project,where I can use the KnowTypeAttribute to register MyClass?

I use [Serializable()] attribute in MyClass,it still no work.

edore replied on Wednesday, November 16, 2011

MyClass must either :

a) implement IMobileObject

b) inherit from MobileObject or any other existing class in Csla implementing IMobileObject.  For instance, CriteriaBase seems a wise choice if your parameter is in fact a criteria...

and remember, each property in MyClass must use a managed backing field or you must override OnGetState/OnSetState/OnGetChildren/OnSetChildren and serialize each property manually...  which is pretty painful code to write! Wink

Finally, your enum properties should be declared as int and casted as your enum type.  Here's a sample :


        public static PropertyInfo<int> ProjectStatusProperty =
            RegisterProperty<int>(o => o.ProjectStatus, ProjectResources.ProjectStatus);
        public ProjectStatus ProjectStatus
            get { return ( ProjectStatus) GetProperty(ProjectStatusProperty); }
            set { SetProperty(ProjectStatusProperty,(intvalue); }

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