CanWrite Security Exception

CanWrite Security Exception

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MadGerbil posted on Thursday, November 17, 2011

I've a DataGrid with a column that is set up to work with a PropertyStatus control to restrict access to CanWrite to those in the Administrator and Manager groups.  It works just fine, although in the development environment it throws an error when a non-group member tries to edit the field.   It's a security exception, which is what I'd expect.

When deployed the UI shows no exceptions (when non-group user tries to edit) which is what I want since the user just needs to not be able to change the field - I don't want errors.

The question is, since the error is obviously being thrown in the background and is left unhandled in deployment this a problem when the Silverlight application is deployed?  There are no apparent problems but I wonder if I'm creating chaos for my application in the background.  Should I be avoiding the error altogether?

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