Using CSLA 4 ebooks

Using CSLA 4 ebooks

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lukky posted on Monday, January 02, 2012


I know you're a very busy man, and I wouldn't want this post to come across as being rude or lacking respect towards your great contribution to the .NET world, but I think I'm entitled to ask you if you're ever going to finish the Using CSLA 4 eBooks series.

It's been almost a year now since I purchased the whole series, and when I go to the download page, I see that most of them are still tagged as draft.

I can't help wondering, because I follow you on different social networks and I see you're involved with a gazillion projects (Windows phone, Mono etc...), and I almost feel like you've put the eBooks project aside to concentrate on those other projects.

Could you give us a status on the eBooks series ?

Thank you

RockfordLhotka replied on Monday, January 02, 2012

No disrespect taken.

For most of the books the issue is one of terminology. "Draft" means the books are going through a copyedit process to clean up language and fix misspellings. The content of books 1-6 are complete, and won't change other than to address errata.

Maybe I should use "in final edit" instead of "draft" for those books to be more clear.

The final edit process is taking longer than I'd expected. This is due to some health issues with my editor. In future book projects I'll probably entirely skip this final copyedit process. Other colleagues of mine that do self-publishing don't take that step at all and think I'm crazy for doing it in the first place. I personally like the copy edit step, because I think the final product is more polished by having a copyeditor fix English language errors, but this project has revealed the challenges involved in that step :(

Book 7 (the Windows Phone book) really has taken a lot longer than I anticipated. This is mostly because I've struggled to find what I believe is a good way to structure a WP7 app, and because "Mango" completely undid what I thought was a good approach. In other words, we are all fortunate that I didn't finish the book before 7.5, because the techniques I was using stopped working in 7.5...

Over the holiday break I have been picking away at the new approach, and I think I have a good approach now. I'll be giving it a good try through the next week, and if it all pans out as I hope, I should be able to finish book 7 by the end of January.

In summary:

  1. Books 1-2 are done
  2. Books 3-6 are in "final copy edit" to clean up language, but content is complete
  3. Book 7 should be in "final copy edit" by the end of January


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