Parent does not update after child has changed

Parent does not update after child has changed

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ksavoie posted on Tuesday, February 07, 2012


We're using CSLA 2 with VB.Net 2005. 

I'm able to open a child record and update the child and the parent after the first save, but if a user changes something else, and wants to save again, the child gets updated but the parent doesn't, so it has a result of not updating the record in the database.

Is there a way for me to push the updated properties to the parent?  I saw some post about the OnChildChanged event, but how do I use it in and where do I put it so I can trigger it when my child is changed.  In all my child properties I have the PropertyHasChanged, but it doesn't seem to update my parent and it's with the parent that I'm doing the save.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Remember, I'm still new at CSLA, so the more info the better.


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