Question about server-side javascript (like Node.js)

Question about server-side javascript (like Node.js)

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TSF posted on Monday, February 13, 2012

Over the past few months, I've been reading Rocky's thoughts on the future of SL, XAML and HTML5/Javascript in light of the whole "SL is dead" proclamations made by a few people.  One of the things I remember reading is that, unlike with .NET and SL, java script wouldn't let us take advantage of things like mobile objects because there is no java script engine that executes on the server.  So it would force writing lots of your logic in Js on the client and in some other language on the server.

I am trying to make a case for SL for a large, in-house project getting ready to kick off, and feel the above point is important to consider (since when we do have such rich capabilities with CSLA).  But a quick search on the matter pointed me to Node.js.  Just a brief reading on Wikipedia makes it look like it does run on the server.  Could someone tell me whether that really occurs in a manner similar to what we have in CSLA/.NET?  Even if it did, I would still assume there isn't a framework like CSLA that could provide all built-in technical plumbing to make mobile objects happen.  Thanks.

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