Is it required to Implement the IAuthorizeDataPortal?

Is it required to Implement the IAuthorizeDataPortal?

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msrs_it posted on Monday, February 13, 2012


We are using the 3-tier architecture environment for our web application. We are using the AspNetMembershipProvider for authentication and authorization. On observing the example provided in Authentication folder, I've came up with couple of doubts.

FYI: Web layer MVC3 (No Silverlight and WP7 development involved) Mobile app enhancements are there in near feature, but only after deployment of this one.

1. Is it necessary to Implement the IAuthorizeDataPortal for 3-tier architecture?

2. We are using the entity framework for Data Invocation Layer. So I've created separated entity models for security and application databases. I've replaced the normal connection string (for aspnet_db) with the entity framework connection string. Now I'm unable to login to my app unless I changed it to normal connection string. As a work around I'm also using the normal connection string and provided this connectionstring name to membership, profile and rolemanger providers configuration in web.config file. Could any of you let me know how to clean up this mess in web.config; so that I'm able use the same entity framework connection string in my dal layer as well as in membership provider services? 

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