Samples or Help PLEASE!

Samples or Help PLEASE!

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gajit posted on Tuesday, February 14, 2012

This is so frustrating...

I have previously highlighted my woes about taking on board CSLA 4.x having come from a CSLA 2.1 background developing Windows forms applications in VB.Net.

I have downloaded and spent a couple of weeks now reading the Using CSLA 4 eBook series and to be honest, much went over my head as the code C#-only code samples made it a chore. It certainly touched on some techniques I am familiar with in the earlier version and I believe I was able to make some decisions as to which data portal to use. (Encapsulated Invocation) - despite my csla2.1 background which uses encapsulated implementation.

But that's it.

I have downloaded the various projects and sample code and at this point am unable to run anything that would give me some clues as to my next steps.

I loaded the ProjectTracker solution, modified the appSettings for a 2-tier implementation and have now run into problems with getting the DalManagerType??!!

I added the following to the WpfUI app.settings file:




add key="DalManagerType" value="DataAccess.Mock.DalManager,DataAccess.Mock"



and I get a "Type ProjectTracker.DalMock.DalManager,ProjectTracker.DalMock could not be found"} exception.

The library is clearly in the project, is on the debug/bin folder, yet is not found? Why? I clearly can;t add the (circular) reference to the ProjectTrackler.Dal project, where the exception is raised, so what's missing the reference??

At a loss here and seriously reconsidering whether I should continue using CSLA4.

If anyone out there has a csla4 ProjectTracker solution coded in VB.Net, or anything else that would be of use, I'd appreciate it.









gajit replied on Tuesday, February 14, 2012

OK, I figured out the reference issue. I figured the WpfUI project would have referenced the necessary libraries.

So, depending on what your UI is .Net/WPF/Silverlight/WP7 youhave to reference the applicable library...

I'm still knee-deep in this - but at least I can start reverse-engineering some of this working code..... maybe..


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