ReportViewer Collision with CustomIdentity

ReportViewer Collision with CustomIdentity

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st3fanus posted on Sunday, April 15, 2012

Hi all,

I have a problem of collision between ReportViewer ( rdlc ) with CustomIdentity and CutomPrincipal

My Situation :

1. I used WPF , CSLA 4 and user rdlc + reportviewer ( WinForm ) as a reporting.

everything work okay before I add CustomIdentity and CustomPrincipal in my project.


What I Found :

the problem arise when I Login and My CustomPrincipal do this : ( Set CustomPrincipal on Application.Context )

Csla.ApplicationContext.User = new CustomPrincipal(identity);

the problem is : My Report Viewer Can't work and display an error like : Can't Initialize Custom Identity Type [ Something like this, i forget the detail ].


Is there anyone have got this problem ?

Could you give me any suggestion ??

thanks a lot




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