Rocky, your "Using CSLA 4" ebooks are awesome!

Rocky, your "Using CSLA 4" ebooks are awesome!

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dagware posted on Sunday, April 22, 2012

Rocky, I just wanted to let you know (and anyone else interested) that I think your Using CSLA 4 ebooks are absolutely fantastic. I originally only purchased one book because I thought I didn't need the others. Turns out that the first book is a like gateway drug, and I couldn't stop until I got all of them. Word to the wise: shell out the $99 at the start, and you'll save yourself money, although truthfully I don't begrudge Rocky any of the money I've spent.

In my opinion, your writing style is clear and concise. Grammatically, the books are close to flawless. They convey important information with as few words as necessary. You do a great job of explaining why you chose to do things the way you did. Your explanations of "responsibility-driven and behavior-driven object-oriented design" are very good, and I will be quoting them when I have the inevitable arguments that lie ahead of me ('nuff said about that, sigh).

In short, your ebooks are such a joy to read, they're like a good novel series. Seriously. (OK, I admit that might be over the top, but that's the kind of guy I am.) I'm reading them on my iPad using an app called "iAnnotate PDF" (which I highly recommend). This app lets me highlight words and paragraphs, and I've highlighted so much of the books that I've had to come up with a color and icon scheme to keep them organized.

Truly great stuff. Thanks for the effort.

PS: I don't know what your final decision was on the WinForms book - I just noticed you had a poll. Here's my vote for a WinForms book, and perhaps it could include a section on converting from v3.8x to current (or maybe that require an entire book on its own)? Just a thought. Thanks again!!!!


bniemyjski replied on Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I agree, the new books are much better than the big 2005/2008 books that he released. The newer books also let him release updated content and fixes so they are pretty much flawless. A must have for any CSLA Developer.

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