Culture dependent order of _fieldData items in the SOAP message

Culture dependent order of _fieldData items in the SOAP message

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bounty posted on Wednesday, May 23, 2012



we are using CSLA v3.8.1.0 in a WPF application. The application is working fine when connecting to a local dataportal (with Slovak regional settings), but when connecting to a dataportal hosted on our dev server (with English regional settings) the properties of the business objects are getting mixed up. I think that this is a result of different regional/culture setting on the dev server and on my machine that is running the WPF front end. While comparing the soap envelopes received from the dev server and from the local instance of the data portal, I have found out that the properties of the  business object in the response message are in a different order. Our business object has the following properties: BusinessUnitName, ChannelName, ExternalID. The dev server is returning the fields in the specified order, but the local dataportal is returning them in this order: BusinessUnitName, ExternalID, ChannelName. This is because the letter "ch" (from the ChannelName property) comes after letter "h" in Slovak. So the WPF front end is probably expecting the properties in Slovak order, but when connected to the dev server, it is getting them in English order.

Is there a way to make the ordering of the properties culture independent? 




JonnyBee replied on Wednesday, May 23, 2012

This is solved in later versions of CSLA.

IIRC: You will need to update Csla.Core.FieldDataManager.

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