Update after Search in WPF CSLA not working

Update after Search in WPF CSLA not working

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harrykod posted on Wednesday, June 27, 2012

i have a patient and i have notes as the child object of the patient.
once the patient and the notes load i need to be able to search the notes.
The search works well but after the search when i update the child record it does not get updated.
Any ideas why this is happening?

My code is as follows:


<views:NoteView DataContext ={Bindiing NotesViewModel}"/>


 <TextBox Name="txtSearch" Grid.Row="0"/>
 <ItemsControl ItemsSource="{Binding Model}" >
                       <TextBox Text={binding Col"/>
 public void Search(object sender, Csla.Xaml.ExecuteEventArgs e)
  BeginRefresh(callback => Notes.GetAll(1, e.MethodParameter.ToString(),callback));

Notes.cs (CSLA Model)
  public static void GetAll(long patientID, string notes1, EventHandler<DataPortalResult<Notes>> callback)
            DataPortal.BeginFetch<Notes>(new Note { PatientID = patientID, Notes1 = notes1 }, callback);

Can somebody help me figure out what is wrong?

I can update my records without a problem when the records are initially loaded but having a problem after the search


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