BO is not busy while business rules are running?

BO is not busy while business rules are running?

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rfcdejong posted on Friday, July 06, 2012

Using CSLA 4.3

I notice that a business object isn't busy even thru there are business rules active. Is there a reason for not implementing that in the base? For ASync rules i can understand that, but the Sync rules are causing the main thread to be very busy where alot of custom code can be listening to OnPropertyChanged. Is it a mistake to believe that a BO is busy while sync business rules are running?

Ofcourse i can do this, but i might be missing some fundemental reason.

        public override bool IsBusy
                return !BusinessRules.RunningRules && !BusinessRules.RunningAsyncRules && base.IsBusy;

JonnyBee replied on Friday, July 06, 2012


If the sync rules takes time the your main UI thread will be busy and can not do any other processing. .

The rule engine will not raise PropertyChanged - this is done by the base class after rules have completed (in either PropertyHasChanged or CheckObjectRules).

I would not mark the object as busy while sync rules is running - as the sync rules are running on the UI thread and making this busy. You cannot f.ex show a message to the user because the UI thread is busy.

For Async runles - running on other threads this makes sense and is implemented.

rfcdejong replied on Friday, July 06, 2012

It's the cascading stuff in our abstraction layer doing a new CheckRules with the properties that changed, in there the OnPropertyChanged is done foreach property affected. Yes, i know, it's wrong. It's a workaround not implemented by me. I agree that OnPropertyChanged should not be done while running business rules. Again it ends into that it would be nice to have the rule engine checking if a value changed and if it did then run the 'cascade' business rules again.

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