Re: MVVM with Winforms

Re: MVVM with Winforms

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tiago posted on Sunday, July 15, 2012

The version 2..0.0.0 of MVVM FX base framework for Windows Forms and Visual WebGUI includes:

  • Data binding for any CLR object (released under Ms-PL license)
  • Command binding to any input event on UI objects (released under Ms-PL license)
  • use WeakReference to avoid memory leaks
  • DependencyObject and DependencyProperty for CLR objects (released under the MIT license
  • Data Binding

    DependencyObject and DependencyProperty

    The requsite of this module is to make it easier to port MVVM libraries (like MVVM Light or Caliburn.Micro) and use them under WindowsForms or Visual WebGUI. The implemention isn't complete as it stops where the referred goal is achieved.

    The next step is to (re) build some MVVM frameworks for use under Windows Forms and Visual WebGUI. Caliburn.Micro is a strong candidate for porting, including CSLA ModelView support.

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