A new twist on the "Not Found" problem

A new twist on the "Not Found" problem

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Jav posted on Monday, July 16, 2012

I an trying to install and run an SL App on the server.  The last time I installed on the server was a couple of months ago, and everything worked just fine.  Very little has changed in the silverlight side of things since then. Practically all of the changes have been in the Web project housing the SL app.

Expecting no issues I tried to start the app using internet explorer 9.  To my surprise, ie would simply freeze when I clicked the button that would start the SL app.  I tried repeatedly and everytime I had to use the Task Manager to kill the explorer.  The explorer freeze occured when the Xap file had just finished loading (using Fiddler)  Xap file is 1279 KB.

I then used Chrome, and suddenly everything worked - or so I thought.  The same occured with FireFox.  Once I got my joy under control, I realized that, using Chrome, the data in the SL app was a bit unfamiliar.  The person's account number was the same, but the name, address birthdate, none of them were familiar.  It turned out that the data was coming from a different website on the same server where the App had been installed a few months back.  That website's data is in a different instance of Sql Server.  At first I thought that I have messed up my connection strings. But that was not the case.  Also a closer attention to the SL app made it clear the this was not my new version, but the old one.

Following the process in Fiddler has shown the strangest thing I ever saw.  As soon as I click the button to load the SL app, passing the Person Id as a parameter, I see the URI change from my new site to the old site, and from then on I am working with the old site.  Actually the change required is merely in the part of the uri that is the name of the website, and it takes place with surgical precision.  In other words it doesn't appear to be due to some data corruption.  From where in the world does Chrome know that a similar app exists in that one, of the few others on that server, that has a similiar - albeit old - app.

Now my head is spinning.  I do not know why ie always freezes up (I must have tried 2-3 dozen times).  I have even tried shunting the SL to a different, largely empty, Page. Sometimes it works, but mostly it freezes.  I have created and re-created my ServiceReference.  I have even copied them from my older - working - versions of the project.

I would really, really appreciate some words of wisdom.  What could I possibly be doing wrong!  The app works perfectly locally on my machine.



Jav replied on Monday, July 16, 2012

Additional Information:

One consistant issue is that the Xap file is never seen to be loading in Fiddler.  Interestingly, I can leave the ServiceReference.ClentConfig file unchanged, in other words pointing at the same website, but start the program locally (clicking F5).  The app runs fine, Xap file is seen loading fine - but locally.  I can then create a new entry and save it and it get saved on the server!


Jav replied on Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Finally have it working.  It was the website.  In fact I had to create the website using a different name. Deleting and then creating one with with the same name continued the same bad behavior.

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