CSLA 4.5 release timetable

CSLA 4.5 release timetable

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skagen00 posted on Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Rocky - while it's probably to early to say, do you have a general 2 month window that you anticipate CSLA 4.5 being released?

We have a fairly large upgrade of our product coming in January and since we'll have the opportunity to have it exposed to a lot of testing as a result, we were considering upgrading.  We're on 4.2 currently.



RockfordLhotka replied on Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Hi Chris,

The best I can say is Q4 2012 - so a three month window.

Rumor has it that Win8 will RTM tomorrow. I should have another pre-release of 4.5 online by the end of this week - with the major data portal changes outlined in my blog post from this morning.

There are some other changes underway as well from Jonny and Peran.

And there are a lot of things I would like to look at around MVC, Web API, and Web Forms. Those may or may not end up in the initial 4.5 release, and might need to wait for a subsequent point release, or 4.6.

I kind of expect to do a 4.6 for WP8 support, though if possible I'd like to get WP8 into 4.5 as well - it depends on Microsoft's timing around the products.

In any case, I'll have a stable beta of 4.5 by the end of October - that's a hard goal, and is the driving deadline right now. Stable beta of 4.5 by Oct 26, with final release based on when we all feel the code is solid. And by "we all" I include you :)

skagen00 replied on Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Thank you Rocky -

I would anticipate that there's a good chance we'll end up going for it then.  I don't think at this point there are too many pain points to get to 4.5 from 4.2 (and backwards if we'd need to do that).  We have a pretty large Silverlight application and a team that will be QAing so it should provide for some valuable testing.


RockfordLhotka replied on Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I will appreciate that help a lot!

As noted in my blog post, there are some breaking changes for SL users if you use the local data portal. Beyond that, 4.5 shouldn't be a difficult update from 4.3.

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