STRANGE : Remote server returned an error : NotFound !!

STRANGE : Remote server returned an error : NotFound !!

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st3fanus posted on Friday, August 24, 2012

Hi Rocky..

I have a strange error. I use Silverlight 5, and CSLA 4.13

Jonny has give his suggestion for me here =>

I have no experience with WCF before, I just read your ebook series.

Based on my understanding I have made a connection to remote server via dataportal on

BeginCreate BECAUSE I override DataPortal_Create and NOT use RUNLOCAL attribute

and it's worked,

BUT on BeginSave there is an error like my subject title on this thread


Could you give me a guide ?

Thanks a lot before



JonnyBee replied on Saturday, August 25, 2012

In SL and Csla 4.13 the code does not use the RunLocal attribute.

In you staic factory method the ProxyMode is specified and is likely set to LocalOnly.

Look at this code:

    public static void NewProductEdit(EventHandler<DataPortalResult<ProductEdit>> callback)
      var dp = new DataPortal<ProductEdit>(DataPortal.ProxyModes.LocalOnly);
      dp.CreateCompleted += callback;

    public static void GetProductEdit(int id, EventHandler<DataPortalResult<ProductEdit>> callback)
      var dp = new DataPortal<ProductEdit>();
      dp.FetchCompleted += callback;
      dp.BeginFetch(new SingleCriteria<ProductEdit, int>(id));

The NewProductEdit will not use a remote portal - as the dataportal is created with DataPortal.ProxyModes.LocalOnly
The GetProductEdit will use the remote portal.

You must still follow my guidelines.

The URL that your SL app is using for DataPortalUrl is either wrong or the remote portal is not running!!!


st3fanus replied on Saturday, August 25, 2012

Hi Jonny..

Yes I got your guidline.. And I have follow that.BUT in My Case On Create Scenario I'm not use local mode. so I need to access remote server as Fetch scenario.

Currently I don't know what is the real problem i face. BUT that error is gone.!

Because I add this config in web.config

      <service name="Csla.Server.Hosts.Silverlight.WcfPortal" behaviorConfiguration="returnFaults" >
        <endpoint binding="basicHttpBinding" bindingConfiguration="basicHttpBinding_IWcfPortal" contract="Csla.Server.Hosts.Silverlight.IWcfPortal"/>
        <binding name="basicHttpBinding_IWcfPortal" maxReceivedMessageSize="2147483647">
          <readerQuotas maxBytesPerRead="2147483647" maxArrayLength="2147483647" maxStringContentLength="2147483647" maxNameTableCharCount="2147483647" maxDepth="2147483647"/>
        <behavior name="returnFaults">
          <serviceDebug includeExceptionDetailInFaults="true" />

What I know is this is increase message transfer capacity in WCF.

And I have succesfully on BeginSave()

So currently I STILL not know what is the problem i face ? Is this really about transfer capacity on wcf ? If Yes so if this config is enough on all case ?

what is guidelines about this problem ?


thanks jonny

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