Strange in Bind a BusinessObjectGetterVM with View

Strange in Bind a BusinessObjectGetterVM with View

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st3fanus posted on Monday, September 17, 2012

Hi all..

actually I'm confusing with my previous problem here :


That problem not yet solved, SO I tried to learn each posibility and I found a strange problem , And then I tried to get an explanation separately for this question

I have an DomainEditGetterVM which is set as a DataContext of DomainEditV,

DomainEditGetterVM is associated with DomainEditGetter BO as UnitOfWork that contain :

1. DomainEdit  ( BO )

2. TeacherList  ( ReadOnly List for combobox )

3. SubjectList  ( ReadOnly List for COmbo )


And then In the DomainEditGetterVM I have an DomainEditVM propertiy which wrapped DomainEdit BO for DomainEditV ( View ) WHERE [ DomainEdit has BeginSave() DomainEditGetter Can't Save BO into Server ]

My Original Problem is still not yet solved BUT in this thread I just want to ask about :


WHY My DomainEditVM Property is called 6 TIMES when I create an DomainEditV ( View ) ??

My Reason Ask this question is : I think this is caused my DomainEdit is wrapped 6 times when I set Model => which is on ManageObjectLifetime = true, BeginEdit on that class is run

DomainEditVM( DomainEdit model )


Model = model;



thanks a lot





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