When CSLA meets WebGUI

When CSLA meets WebGUI

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tiago posted on Sunday, September 23, 2012


It's my pleasure to annouce the release of a library that makes it easier to develop CSLA.NET projects for WebGUI.

For those not familiar with Visual WebGUI, it's a WEB framework that is build around the "empty client" concept. All the developer sees is the full set of Windows Forms controls. You write your code on C# or VB.NET and forget Javascript, CSS and HTML ever existed. If you have a working Windows Forms application, porting it to WebGUI is really easy. The browser is used just to display the visual side of the controls and to return user input back to the server - the concept of "ViewState" doesn't exist.

You can read  here more on Visual WebGUI and why I prefer it over the ASPX model.

CslaContrib.WebGUI is the port of the Csla Windows Forms library and includes a set of controls that makes things really easy: controls for DataBinding, for Authorization, a set of Button, ToolStripButton and ToolBarButton extenders that takes care of the save or undo process. It even includes a proper ErrorInfoProvider that understands DataBinding (courtesy of Alexnaldo Santos).

CslaContrib.WebGUI is published by the CslaContrib open source project.


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