Parent on Edit Level 2 - LoadProperty brings child to Edit Level 1

Parent on Edit Level 2 - LoadProperty brings child to Edit Level 1

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bwebber posted on Tuesday, October 30, 2012


We have a 4 Silverlight DataGrids representing a Great Grand Child hierarchy of objects.  Each level loads its children with a lazy load.

Our user clicks the edit button, which calls BeginEdit on the root list which moves to Edit Level 1.  This is the base behavior for our application.

When we click on a child in the DataGrid the grid then fires its own BeginEdit on the record thereby moving that record to Edit Level 2.  At the same time the async fetch of the child list starts and when it returns the child list property is loaded using LoadProperty.

I can see the LoadProperty moves the child list from Edit Level 0 to 1, but the parent is on 2.  Why does the LoadProperty not move the edit level to 2 to match its parent object?

When apply edit is called on that record, I get the Edit Level missmatch error.

I have made a workaround by BeginEdit on the child list after the LoadProperty to bring the Edit Level in line, this is working.  I would just love to know the reason for the LoadProperty only increasing the child list to Edit Level 1.

Any insights into this would be greatly appreciated.  We are using CSLA 4.2 and are looking to upgrade to 4.5 soon.

bwebber replied on Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Any answers to this?  We are still having this same issue.

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