Bindable UserControl stops updating when an event member is added

Bindable UserControl stops updating when an event member is added

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Troncho posted on Friday, November 09, 2012



public partial class UCNrgHelpBase : UserControl


public event EventHandler<NrgHelpBaseEventArgs> InfoObjChanged;

   public virtual IReadOnlyInfo InfoObj {...}




If I comment the event (InfoObjChanged), DataBinding works perfectly well.

If I just leave the event (InfoObjChanged) decleared,

even without using it anywhere, the control's bindable property

updates just fine but the DataSource property never gets updated.

Do you know what I may be missing here?




Troncho replied on Saturday, November 10, 2012

I found the problem!

It seems that, behind the curtains, when you declare a class with the attribute:


It generates some hidden event for DataBinding handling or something with the following name: [PropertyName + "Changed"].

So, when I declared the

public event EventHandler<NrgHelpBaseEventArgsInfoObjChanged;

it seems to suppress the underlaying behaivour for DataBinding to work correctly.

Just fooling around, I begun changing EventHandler types and names, and I got it working.

The result being that I only changed my custom event handler's name to:

public event EventHandler<NrgHelpBaseEventArgsInfoObj_ValueChanged;

And it all fall into place. Now DataBinding is working again just fine and my custom event is firing just as well.

So, problem seems to be solved.


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