WinRT app to .Net 4 app server

WinRT app to .Net 4 app server

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ajj3085 posted on Monday, December 10, 2012

Forgive my silly question, but I'm just now trying to work with a Windows metro app.

IIRC, with Silverlight the Csla business object could flow from the Silverlight client to the application server running Asp.Net via WCF or whatever remoting mechanism configured.

I'm assuming WinRT apps function the same way; my question is it possible to have theWinRT app serialize and deserialize when the app server is running under Asp.Net 4?  Does it just work, or will there be extra configuration required?

I'm trying to determine if I would need to have my client provider a server capable of running .Net 4.5, which Win2k3 does not.


JonnyBee replied on Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Hi Andy,

Yes, this was the primary reason for adding CSLA for NET 4 as .NET 4.5 was not supported in Azure (until early november IIRC).

Rocky used this for his demo at VS Live in august.

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