Edit the list Item in BusinessBindingListBase

Edit the list Item in BusinessBindingListBase

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Arjun posted on Friday, January 11, 2013


I have an editable list, inherited from BusinessBindingListbase. I should be able to Add, edit or delete items in the list. Add, Edit or Delete is on list not on the database. When the list is changed, I have a task bar icon to save the changed list.

If a new item is added to the list, clicking on save will call Child_Insert,  On edit Child_Update and deleting an item will trigger Child_deleteSelf() methods.

I am able to do Add and Delete.

To make the changes in list I used the following:-

Add:   list.Insert(0, item)

Delete:  list.remove(item)

Now, what i want is,  How do i change the existing item on the list ?

Please let me know your suggestions.




JonnyBee replied on Sunday, January 13, 2013

It is as simple as setting data properties on the actual item in the list. 

When a property value is changed -  the object will become dirty - and the DataPortal_Update method will be called when you call Save on the list. 

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