msbuild and DAL projects

msbuild and DAL projects

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DancesWithBamboo posted on Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I have just started using the encapulated invocation model(like the DataAccess e-book) for my DAL on a new MVC project.  I also use TFS to automate builds.  I am running into an issue since the concrete DAL implementations aren't referenced by the web project or its children, the DAL dlls don't get copied out to the bin folder in the _PublishedWebSites  folder during a team build process.

This is what I put in the post-build even on the project to get to work locally, but I have to take it out since it obviously doesn't work on a remote build on a TFS box:

copy /Y "$(TargetDir)$(ProjectName).dll" "$(SolutionDir)Nca.Web\bin\$(ProjectName).dll"

Does anyone have the changes needed to the msbuild script to get these ouputted durring an automated build as well as a local Visual Studio build?




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