CSLA on Windows Phone

CSLA on Windows Phone

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bdub posted on Monday, January 28, 2013

Two questions.

1.  How far out are we for a version of CSLA for WP8?

2.  I'm writing windows phone and w8 apps that need to communicate with a remote data portal and be as fast as possible.  Part of the process will be transmitting large image files as byte arrays.  Also, I'm eventually going to have to support iOS and android devices, and I would like to use the same WCF service if possible.  I'm new to CSLA, and I know the mobile WCF data portal uses the basic HTTP binding.  What would result in the best performance and support for other devices?  Should I use the built in Mobile data portal or would it be best if I wrote another data portal that uses JSON?  I hope this question makes sense, again I'm just getting on my way with CSLA.  Forgive me if I have missed something obvious.

TSF replied on Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I can't give guidance on the performance related questions you ask, but I recently published in the Windows Store a WinRT app that utilizes CSLA 4.5. My early approach included using the standard (WCF) data portal hosted in an Azure Cloud Service. While performance for that was working fine for me, I ended up opting for using Azure Mobile Services instead of a remote DP...mainly due to the built-in authentication provided by Azure as well as less complexity on the deployment side. (I might regret that later as I seek to scale to other platforms, but we'll see.)

One thing to keep in mind is to handle offline scenarios. I had started down the road of committing all transactions to the database immediately via the CSLA DP. But when I realized that a user may be offline while using the app, I switched to having my CSLA DP writing transactions to SQLite on the client. When the user is connected to the internet, I periodically sync those transactions to Azure. Not sure if that is necessary in your use case but I wanted to throw that out there for consideration.

RockfordLhotka replied on Saturday, February 02, 2013

The code in svn (trunk) does currently work on WP8, and that'll roll out in the next release - yet this month if all goes well.

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