Code Generation - Adding properties

Code Generation - Adding properties

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Mar72Vin posted on Wednesday, April 24, 2013

What is the best way to add a new property to a business object? Currently I am using CSLAGenFork to generate business objects (.Library, .Dal, .DalSQL, and StoredProc).

If each business object is modified with custom logic, calculations, new methods etc, It seems quite difficult to add a single property at a later date. Edits are required in multiple places in the .Library class, .Dal, .DalSQL and the stored proc itself.

If CSLAGenFork is used to generate the objects again it could easily overwrite the custom logic that was written.

Are there any tools that would be easier than manually editing each location where the property is referenced?


tiago replied on Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Is this a CslaGenFork question? If so, please ask it on CslaGenFork forum

I guess CSLA .NET moderators won't like me to answer the question on their forum...

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