difference between upload and download size for WCF client

difference between upload and download size for WCF client

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kosta_t posted on Monday, May 13, 2013

Hi I am using CSLA in a multi tier application which uses WCF in IIS 6. The WCFconfig uses the standard 'wsHttpBinding' binding with no compression.

Recently whilst testing a new app I started seeing strange exceptions whenever the remote client attempted to save data to the app server. I traced the issue down to the default 8MB limit that IIS placec on transfers.

The remote client was actually parsing some csv and xml files to create a list of dirty objects, so it was fairly easy to creat a large set of dirty objects. I was able to work around the problem by  breaking up the upload into several smaller chunks, I noticed something that has raised my curiosity.

I never saw issues when retreiving data from the app server, even though the retrieved data  contained exactly the same objects that weretoo large to save (upload). Using Fidler I saw that the size of the uploaded data (dirty objects) was around 10x the size of the retrieved (downloaded) data (I undid the chunking for the tests).


Is there a reason for this discrepancy in size?

Is there any safe way to reduce the upload size?




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