What is CSLA LoadProperty()?

What is CSLA LoadProperty()?

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Migs posted on Wednesday, July 03, 2013

I had an application that recently handed to me and uses CSLA Version  Updating it to the latest CSLA version is kind of messy right now since it's a huge application and I'm new to CSLA.

My question is what LoadProperty() does in CSLA Version


JonnyBee replied on Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Did you look at the intellisense provided in visual studio? 

    /// <summary>
    /// Loads a property's managed field with the 
    /// supplied value
    /// </summary>
    /// <typeparam name="P">
    /// Type of the property.
    /// </typeparam>
    /// <param name="propertyInfo">
    /// PropertyInfo object containing property metadata.</param>
    /// <param name="newValue">
    /// The new value for the property.</param>
    /// <remarks>
    /// No authorization checks occur when this method is called,
    /// and no PropertyChanging or PropertyChanged events are raised.
    /// Loading values does not cause validation rules to be
    /// invoked.
    /// </remarks>
    protected void LoadProperty<P>(PropertyInfo<P> propertyInfo, P newValue)

Migs replied on Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Thanks JonnyBee that was so helpful. 

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