Calling Stored Procs in v 3.0

Calling Stored Procs in v 3.0

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akselsoft posted on Thursday, September 19, 2013

I know....very old version --- I've inherited this application and I had everything working perfectly until we turned on the data remoting.

I'm sure what I need to do is fairly simple - but since it's an older version, finding the right documentation is next to impossible.

What's happening is that my call to a business object method is running locally instead of using the remote version.

Now I'm playing with different approaches (such as setting up weird constructs in the save) but all I want to do is call a method and be sure it's going to run on the server rather than the local connection.

Can anyone help here?


JonnyBee replied on Friday, September 20, 2013

I'll assume that your application uses DataPortal and is configured to use remoting.

Basically - any call that is expected to go to the server must call the DataPortal.XYZ methods and the implementation must not have the [RunLocal] attribute applied as this will the DataPortl to run the method locally.

So verify that:

The "right documentation" is readily available.


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